Monday, March 28, 2011

A snapshot of what I am doing now

Within my team, we are analyzing 6 financial companies. I was assigned to the duty of analyzing Citi Group (C) along with helping the team as needed with their analyses on the other financial companies.

Any ways, the process of doing the analysis is intense. I am working under pressure to meet the deadline while maintaining accuracy. The work will be presented and judged by the team once it is done. It is pretty much known that this is going to be an intense process due to the fact that many tough questions will be asked. And I would have to answer they Whys and Hows. Also, we have tough judgers within our team members. The reason for saying this is that because some them are about to graduate and they have been analyzing a lot of companies’ financial statements.

Besides all of this, I get excited when it comes to Financial Modeling with Excel. This is what I love the most. What even is more exciting is that I am taking a Financial Modeling class with Dr. Yook who is an expert in the subject and who has been teaching this course for over 10 years at Carey. In fact he is one of the leading professors who created the Master of Science in Finance.  

I shall keep you updated in how the end result is of my analysis.

Hussain Jubail

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