Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wonderful meeting with discussion about analysis

I rarely used the word "wonderful" before I graduated from college because I thought it makes me sound more like a girl, a British girl. (There's no discrimination here since the British accent is my favorite.) But I'd like to use it to describe today's Equity Analyst Team meeting talking about both technical analysis and fundamental financial modeling.

I'm not a tech person. I've been claiming this to everyone who asked me about my opinion regarding technical analysis (TA). I guess that I won't be a fan of it until someone makes a significant STABLE investment income with it. So this is the reason why talking about TA makes today's meeting wonderful when I compare it to what we discussed after that.

Saliq, if you are reading this post, you will notice that you've missed a great time by leaving us earlier. (I know you had to work but I want to make you jealous :) Hussain initiated several interesting topics like how PE firms use ROE and how important the IF function is in modeling the income forecast. Even I knew some of them a while ago, it was still quite joyful to share it and test if my memory is correct.

I hope I took some pictures of everything Hussain wrote on the blackboard today to record this wonderful meeting. Well, maybe next time...

- Soujanya

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  1. haha We'll see how "wonderful" you feel once we start learning SQL and MATLAB next week. - Saliq