Monday, October 17, 2011

Discussion Topic for 10/14/2011 (Fri)

As we do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 7:30AM, on the 14th of October we discussed the following articles:

Occupy Wall Street (Wall St. Protests, 2011)

Why Occupy Wall Street Doesn’t Have A List of Demands
 “I don’t think we should issue a list of demands at all. That’s not what this is about,” “It’s about creating a new kind of community, of showing people a new way of relating to one another.” 
“We’re never going away.”
“What do they really want?” your opinions. 
 “How long will this go on?” your opinions.
What do you think of the answers given in this article?
What is your opinion/attitude regarding “Occupy Wall Street” as a whole?

JPMorgan Chase's Earnings Decline Slightly In Third Quarter

JPMorgan Earnings: Dire Signs for Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs
What is your opinion/comment about the JPMorgan third-quarter results?
Do you agree that Wall Street investment banking is in deep trouble now? If yes, what cause(s) the deep trouble for investment banking? If not, why?

Fitch Downgrades UBS, Puts BofA, Others on Watch
Fitch Ratings downgraded UBS on Thursday and placed seven other U.S. and European banks on credit watch negative, citing challenges in the economy and financial markets, as well as the impact of new regulations.
Any comments/opinions/projections?

Lorena Li

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