Sunday, December 4, 2011

New President - New Team


The past 12 months have been very busy for the Equity Analyst Team.  From the numerous trips to NYC and Boston to working seven days a week on analysis we had an opportunity to learn from one another and to create an organization which is second to none.  All of the ups and down brought our team closer and though many times we felt that the work load was too much for us, overall we benefited tremendously.  I created this team as a training ground for those that want to enter the asset management industry and want to bridge the gap between academia and real world application.  Though I have enjoyed my time as President I think it would be best if I step aside and let another capable person take over the responsibilities.  As we conclude this year I will be giving up my position as President and will become an Advisor of the team.  As I leave my position I will be replaced by Maisy Zhou who will continue to build upon the success which we have experienced.  Maisy will be supported by Dr. Ken Yook and Nathan Foley-Mendelssohn (Portfolio Manager) who have been serving as Advisors.  I hope that you will continue to support the team as you have supported me.

Happy Holidays!
Saliq Khan

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