Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seeking New Analysts!

Dear Prospective Candidates of the Equity Analyst Team,

As many of you have heard, I am in the midst of bringing the Equity Analyst Team back to the Carey Business School and instituting the same level of rigor which was present when the organization first started during the fall of 2010.  This exclusive asset management organization is designed to create graduate students that bring both hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge to their future employers.  The members of the Team prepare to compete for full-time positions in equity research, risk management, sales, and trading.  Successful applicants join the Team and spend 5-10 hours a week working in teams, and another several hours learning the required material.

Over the next two weeks, I will be seeking six to eight candidates that will be put through a demanding process of learning fundamental analysis, meeting portfolio managers, hosting events, attending investment conferences, and most importantly, learning how to be a better investment professional. 

Your candidacy is not solely based upon your previous experience, but your attitude and willingness to learn and work in a group environment.  This is not a club, but an organization of highly motivated and talented individuals who will be working together on becoming better investment professionals.  We ‘hire’ for attitude and train for skill and we except our Analysts to be upstanding members of the Equity Analyst Team, Carey Business School, and Johns Hopkins University.

If you are interested in learning more about the Equity Analyst Team, please visit:

Prospective candidates have until Sunday, September 16 to turn in a copy of their resume and a letter explaining why they want to join the Equity Analyst Team and why they would be a good addition to this team.  Please send all emails to  I will respond by Monday, September 17 if you are selected to interview for a position on the team.

Best wishes,
Saliq Khan
Graduate Advisor, Equity Analyst Team

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