Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conference call 02/23/2011

The topic of this morning's conference call was set up to be the Basel Standards. Our team members were asked to find a relevant article on this topic and explain the theme to the rest of the team.

Conclusion of discussion:

Today we went through the basic concepts about Basel standards. The discussion came out about how effective Basel III will be by taking problems such as liquidity risk into account.

Humza pointed out that Basel standards don't solve risks related to the systemic risk. As most of our team members learned from the Financial Institution class, Value at Risk (VaR), which is widely used by banks and other financial institutions and is also included in Basel standards to evaluate market risk exposure, is becoming to be argued about more often than in the past. More detailed information about VaR can be accessed from the following link:

Other articles we discussed can be access from follow links:




I hope our reader will find these information useful. You are also welcome to comment on our discussion.

Thank you.


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