Monday, February 14, 2011

Harvard Business School Investment Conference & Trefis

The Equity Analyst Team gathered several Johns Hopkins University students this weekend and attended the Harvard Business School Investment Conference.  The entire Equity Analyst Team took Megabus to Boston and relaxed on the way there, while I ended up driving four others to Boston with me.  Mobility is WAY underrated! 

Everyone arrived at the hotel at 6:00AM Saturday, just to realize that Hamza and Chang had left their business suits on the bus!  Both ended up borrowing my car and chasing down the bus driver and somehow sweet talked their way into getting the hotel address where the bus driver was staying at (negotiation skills at its finest!). 

The Equity Analyst Team met with Cem Ozkaynak of Trefis ( at 2 PM and had a lengthy conversation about the firm and how they conduct their valuations, their corporate growth strategy, and their training methodology.  As much as we wanted to walk around Boston after the meeting, we were on a mission to arrive on time to a restaurant where Hussain reserved seats using his credit card.  After we left the restaurant we met up with a few other Johns Hopkins students and called it a relatively early night so we could attend the conference Sunday morning.

Sharing a bathroom with 6 people and still managing to arrive 15 minutes before the conference started Sunday morning was one heck of an accomplishment for us!  The conference went very well and had speakers from Highbridge, Centerbridge Partners, Fidelity, BlackRock, Credit Suise, etc.

Now that we're all back in Baltimore we are working towards putting together the Global Investment Conference for this upcoming fall. 

More to come soon,

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  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! I'm sure Boston was glad to have you!

    ~Becca Anne Bowling