Monday, January 24, 2011

Are we there yet?

The Dow Jones saw an upward trend in the last 8 weeks... McDonalds reported higher earnings while Intel is making profit and buying back its shares... Confidence seem to be rising in the economy... the inflation rate is around 1.5% and Realtors are predicting value to rise up to 40% by 2013.
On the other hand, employment rate is up to 9.1%, people are still siting on their backs doing nothing, crime rate is extremely high and chaos is in abundance(Health care bill repeal, global price rise, increasing debt, falling currency, me getting a $300 ticket today!!!!, etc. etc.).
 Where are we then?
I'd say we are on our way, but pretty far from where we should be if not where we were in our prime.
We are definitely out of the worse and on our way to the top. We should be optimistic and savor every moment of our last few months/days/mins/seconds in this dark place.
So that we can ponder what the reasons were that got us into this mess. Too many times in the past we've made the same mistakes. Lets not do that again!

A conversation between my self and my 4 year old cousin.

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