Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Snow Storm and I!

There is a total of five miles between the subway station and my house. It took me three hours and twenty three minutes to cross that terrain. And contrary to what you might be thinking, I actually enjoyed every bit of it. I had to abandon moi cherrie because cars were stuck in the snow almost every twenty feet and there waere no open roads. While walking home I saw people help each other, joke around and take pictures. I met an elderly gentleman who was furious his wife had  made him leave the house to go to the store and now he was stuck. Then a random dude gave me a ride for about a mile of road that was clear. Apparently he had been doing it all evening and was getting thank you calls from all the people he had helped out. It was humanity at its best. And then there was the snow. White little flakes of hope - nature at its best.
It was a great night!


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