Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CFA Global Investment Research Challenge

About three weeks ago I was approached by Johns Hopkins to put together a team of 3 to 5 qualified students who will compete at the upcoming CFA Global Investment Research Challenge.  I thought about this a bit and spoke to several people who I felt could do a great job.  After speaking with everyone and having thought about this hard, the following team of 4 will represent Johns Hopkins University at the 2011-2012 CFA GIRC:

Lorena Li, Xiaoxiao Y, and Jibrael Q, and I (Saliq Khan)

We will be extensively analyzing Under Armour (UA) and competing with the local schools.  After we win (see how I didn't say 'if'? Clever right?) we will continue to represent the university at the Americas and then the Global competition in New York.

Note to our competition:
All four of us enjoy competing and don't value sleep very much.

- Saliq Khan -

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