Thursday, November 17, 2011

Video Session with Legg Mason

With all respect and honors, the equity analyst team took a tour in the Legg Mason Investment counsel trading room and hold a talk with their principal senior fixed income trader.

The principle trader Philip Yakim gave us a brief introduction on their daily job, which includes gatherng market news, managing clients' portfolioes, and trading.
The Investment Counsel has five traders, each specific in one field, they get information from each other, working as a team. Philip is focusing on fixed income trading, but he also has equity and other investments in his porfolio. When he needs to trade on equities, he can send his message to any trader he wants through their awesome trading system.

Except for their trading system, which shocked me most is his amzing bloomberg skills. I don't even know there are so many sectors and functions in bloomberg before this tour. They even have a "crisis" templete, which makes it much more easier to check the bond yields and CDS of the GILLP. I tried this on bloomberg tonight, it makes everything simple.
I have saw the urgency to improve our bloomberg skills. We need to know which commands and indexes are mostly focued by traders, then we will gathering information much more efficiently.

Therefore, I sincerely suggest we spare some time to learn bloomberg together during the Saturday meeting, since the bloomberg is the most important tool to a trader, we should also be familiar with it if we want to get a job in this industry. I am also wondering whether Nathan can give us an introduction on this?


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