Thursday, November 3, 2011

Discussion Topic for 11/04/2011 (Fri)

1. Greece's government appeared to take steps to abandon a much-debated referendum as Prime Minister George Papandreou, fighting to stem an escalating political crisis, told his cabinet that he would drop plans for the vote if new talks with a leading opposition party secured support to push through harsh fiscal cuts required for further financial aid. (from WSJ)

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou defied demands on Thursday that he resign over his decision to hold a referendum on the nation's euro zone bailout deal, calling instead for his party to unite for a confidence vote in the government. (from Reuters)

Question 1:
When will the announced referendum take place?
Based on the latest two days’ news, do you think the referendum plan could be dropped?

2. Jefferies, responding to its plunging shares and growing fear over its stability, said it had no meaningful net exposure to European sovereign debt and that it was, in fact, positioned to profit should credit quality there deteriorate further. (from Reuters)

Question 2:
What is the net exposure to European sovereign debt of Jefferies?
Do you think Jefferies will be the next MF Global?

3. MF Global Holdings Ltd. collapsed into bankruptcy Monday when a potential buyer bolted over a discrepancy of hundreds of millions of dollars in the beleaguered securities firm's books, people familiar with the matter said. (from WSJ)

Question 3:
What’s the reason drove MF Global to go bankruptcy? Comments? Opinions?

Lorena Li

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